ECU Mapping

We are primariliy a Cosworth mapping specialist (weber marelli ecus) but do cater for aftermarket ecu's such as Pectel T2/T6, DTA or SECS S8. If you have an aftermarket ecu and require your engine remapping please contact us for details. In addition we also offer a chipping service for most fuel injection cars so can cater for both turbo diesels and petrol engines (both N/A and turbo).

With the Cosworth range of vehicles we cater for all variants of ECU from Level 1 to P8 and can also cater for RS500 8 injector setups. We offer off the shelf chips for all level of tune up to 403 grey injectors and this includes cars such as RS Turbos fitted with Cosworth management.

However in addition we offer a full live mapping service allowing you to have any specification of cosworth engine mapped and setup. We can cater for injectors up to 1000cc on the standard ecu's, meaning a change to 8 injectors or different ecu is not necessary for BIG bhp engines. (unless you have an RS500 and want 8 injectors)

The benefits of custom mapping far outweigh the cost difference between off the shelf chips, as not only is the mapping optimised for your car to achieve the best setup and power, you have the piece of mind that the car will be fully tested to ensure the car is totally reliable! (Karl can be hired to attend events such as Bruntingthorpe for mapping) 

As with any setup your vehicle will be closely monitered for fueling (AFR's) whilst the ecu will be datalogged and engine det checked to ensure optimum setup and performance. The time to map a vehicle can vary depending on complexity of setup, and thus we always recommend you call or email to discuss your requirements.