Engine setups (includes carburettor re-jetting)

In addition to ECU re-mapping we offer a full engine setup service. This is normally required for cars that have either previously been mapped and are in for routine checkups, or for older cars that use older fuel injection systems such as the Bosch KE system.

We pride ourselves as being carburettor experts, something which is quite a rarity these days since fuel injection has been fitted to most cars for over 20 years! We can cater for most carburettor types including Solex, Dellorto and SU's but consider oursleves Weber experts. We can supply and jet almost any type of Weber carburettor, twin DCOE's being our speciality (Check out the turbocharged MI16 engine in Project cars running 45DCOE's) and can re-jet these for any application including machining of larger chokes and additional progression holes if required.

Although every car will have different requirements a setup normally consists of the following standard checks/adjustments.

1. Idle emissions (CO,CO2,HC) and rpm adjusted. (Using Sun diagnostic equipment)

2.Ignition timing optimised and monitered using det-cans.

3. Cruise fueling (AFR's) optimised as well as full throttle (or boost if turbocharged) AFR's set to ensure good economy, power and reliability. (Using wide band UHEGO equipment either in down pipe boss or using external lance up the exhaust). For carburettor cars this will involve both balancing and rejetting in order to achieve the desired fueling, for non mappable injection cars this will usually involve some form of system fuel pressure adjustment.

4. Spark plugs checked for gap and suitability and replaced if required.

5. Boost set to required level if turbocharged.

6. General engine check over to include security of water/air pipes, jubilees, connectors and wiring and parts replaced or secured as required.

We leave nothing to chance and by being 100% thorough we ensure the engine not only delivers the required performance but perfect drivability and complete reliability!